Homework Requirements


Instructions and Requirements for Homework

1. Homework solutions are to be completed on engineering (green) paper using a pencil (a pen is not acceptable).

2. Only one side of the paper may be used (the non-grid side).

3. You may put more than one solution on a page if space permits.

4. Homework solutions should be presented in the correct (ascending) numerical order.

5. Solutions for each problem should be neatly written, easily legible and laid out in a logical arrangement.

6. Any drawings, whether required (such as Free body Diagrams) or optional, should be neat and clear. Straight lines are to be drawn with a straight edge (ruler, student ID etc.) rather than freehand.

 7. Any mistakes should be completely erased. Crossing or scribbling out incorrect steps is not acceptable.

8. Homework assignments should be stapled in the upper left hand corner with the pages in the right order.

 9. Your name should be at the top of the front page.

    10. Homework solutions are due at the beginning of class each day and should be placed on the    

            table in the front of the room before class starts.

Neatness Penalty

A neatness penalty (up to 15% of the maximum score for that problem) may be assessed by the grader for homework that is not neatly done in accordance with the above requirements. An assignment that is poorly done and violates several of these requirements will not be graded and a score of zero will be given.

Homework Grading

Due to limited teaching assistant support, usually only two of the four assigned problems will be graded. If three problems are assigned only one may be graded. The problems to be graded will be selected by the instructor. Each homework problem carries the same weight and a grade for each on a scale of 0 to 10 will be assigned by the TA. The score received based on merit of the solution procedure may be further reduced by the neatness penalty discussed above.




Working together on Homework

Working together on homework assignments is not necessarily wrong and may be beneficial in some cases. However consistently relying on other students to figure out key steps and/or correct homework solutions will greatly diminish the amount you learn in this class. Furthermore copying of homework solutions from other students (or of solutions by students from previous semesters) is considered both Cheating and Plagiarism. This is as serious as copying during an exam. A student caught copying homework solutions will be punished to the maximum allowable university limits.