This site was first posted to advertise the halftoning research that I was doing while part of the University of Delaware's Department of Electrical Engineering. Now that I am at the University of Kentucky, we can all look forward to my long and succesful career in halftoning and printing research...

Meet the people that are and have been apart of this research program. Since this website was first published, we have had one PhD and two MS degrees awarded and are currently supporting the work of a new PhD student and an undergraduate research assistant.

As part of the University of Kentucky's Applied Science and Technology Commercialization Center, the goal of the Advanced Digital Display Lab (ADDL) is to assist our industrial and government partners in addressing problems in digital imaging and information display.

Follow this link to see current and future research projects. Our major areas of work include stochastic moiré, a generalized approach to multilevel halftoning, and some exciting new work in digital watermarking.

We have been hard at work producing publishable results, and by following this link, you can see a complete bibliography of our published and in progress works. For your convenience, we have even included electronic copies of our published papers and also copies of some of our conference presentations.

What would a research website be if it didn't offer its audience usable source code. Follow this link to see a detailed list of the MATLAB source code that we have developed as part of our research on digital halftoning.

Dr. Daniel Leo Lau
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Kentucky
453 Anderson Hall
Lexington, KY 40506-0046, USA
(859) 257-2300 x273

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