This function performs the dot diffusion algorithm, as first introduced by Donald Knuth [1] and improved upon by Mese and Vaidyanathan [2], given a class matrix.

y = dotdif(x, M)

y = dotdif(x, M) converts the continuous-tone, input image x of type double, into the the binary image y of type uint8(logical), using dot-diffusion according to the dither array M.

[1] D. E. Knuth. Digital halftones by dot-di usion. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 6(4):245-273, October 1987.
[2] M. Mese and P. P. Vaidyanathan. Improved dot di usion for image halftoning. In Proceedings of NIP 15: International Conference of Digital Printing Technologies, pages 350{353, Orlando, FL, October, pp.17-22 1999.

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