EE 499 ­ Autonomous Vehicle Design


EE 499: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN. Credit 3. A course for senior students in electrical engineering with an emphasis on the engineering design processes, requiring the creative involvement of students in open-ended problems relating to actual designs that are appropriate to the profession of electrical engineering. Prerequisites: Senior standing in electrical engineering and consent of the course coordinator.

TEXTBOOK: Industrial Control Electronics, 2nd edition, Webb and Greshock, Prentice-Hall 1993.

REFERENCE: World Wide Web Pages from NC State, VPI, and Central Florida

COORDINATOR: Dr. Bruce L. Walcott, Associate Professor Electrical Engineering

GOALS: This course will give seniors in electrical engineering the ability to use basic and engineering sciences in developing designs for systems, components or processes to meet a desired need. In particular, the students will
(a) Develop Rules and Regulations for 1999 SoutheastCON Hardware design contest
(b) Design and build the electronics and scoring for two working tracks
(c) Design and maintain Web page for the contest
(d) Design and build a working prototype for the contest.


1. Fundamental mathematical concepts

2. Engineering sciences; electrical and electronics or allied fields

3. Communication skills; computer aids, written documentation and oral presentations.

4. IEEE Student Member

EE 499 Syllabus

EE 499 Assignments