First Aid

This guide provides information on what should be done when injury occurs in the lab facility. The purpose of first aid is to prevent further injury and control any life-endagering situation. For any serious accidents, the main responsibility of those in the work area is to get professional help. Being informed of correct procedures will help prevent any further injury.

Phones are located in throughout the facility should you need to call for help. Use contact list to receive help. For all accidents, always notify Brian afterwards.


For minor cuts, band-aids are generally sufficient. For larger cuts with significant blood loss, firmly apply pressure with a clean towel against would to suppress bleeding until help arrives. If you are assiting someone who has been cut, you are required to wear gloves and other protective equipment as stated by OSHA. Any blood in the lab needs to be cleaned up with disinfectant.

Minor Chemical Spills (On person)

Dilute minor chemical spills with copious amounts of water. (15 minutes of rinsing is recommendend). Be informed of the hazards of the chemicals you are working with. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for reference here.

Larger Chemical Spills (On person)

For larger spills of hazardous materials, promptly remove clothing and use emergency showers for rinsing. Emergency showers are indicated by the blue stars on the facility map.


Minor burns should be treated with running cold water. More extensive burns should be covered with a clean cloth until further medical attention is received.


Determine the cause of poisoning and call for help.