Cleanroom and Lab Etiquette



In order to keep the facility safe and to increase productivity, it must be kept clean and organized. Pathways should be clear, tables tops should be clean, and chimicals should be kept in proper storage place when not in use. Besure to clean any equipment after you use it for others to use. Be courteous and clean up your workspace.

Be sure to check the following:
1. Has any thing been left out? (Chemicals, waste, garbae, tools)
2. Are there any spills to be cleaned up?
3. Are all chemicals disposed of properly?
4. Has all equipment been cleaned in left in proper state (under vacuum, off, etc)?


Unlabeled chemicals are hazardous to all. When you make a solution, be sure to label it with material name, hazards, and personal information if it is your personal material. Any unidentified and unclained chemicals will be disposed of.


Use of the facilities equipemtn often requires long periods of time. Be courteous to others who may want to use the same equipment. Before you begin, be sure to prepare your samples and planning to ensure that you do not run over your scheduled usage of the equipment. Afterwards, besure to clean up the workspace so the next user is able to start their usage in optimal conditions.