Personal Protective Equipment

Cleanroom Suits

Full-Body cleanroom suits are inteded to keep the cleanroom uncontaminated and clean, not the wearer safe. Though they do provide an extra layer of protection, aprons should worn when working with hazardous and corrosive materials. Cleanroom suits are available by request and can be stored in cabinet outside of cleanrooms. Your should should be not be worn outside of cleanroom room and changing area. Should you need to leave the area, removed your suit first. This will prevent outside contaminants from being transferred to cleanrooms. Mark your suit with your name and dispose of it if it is particularily dirty or you have duplicates


Appropriate gloves should be worn at all times when using the facility. They protect both the user and the equipment from contamination. Be sure to remove and dispose of your gloves when you are finished in order to prevent harful chemicals from being transported to other areas. Latex gloves are available throughout the facility and are required be worn at all times when working in cleanroom and with deposition equipment. Latex-free gloves are also available if needed. Rubber gloves are located at all sinks and chemcial benches.


Aprons provide extra protection to the user. They should be work when working with large volumes of chemicals or highly corrosive or toxic materials. Aprons are available near chemical benches.


Close-toed, close-heeled, and non-porous shoes are required when using the facility to protect your feet from chemical spills and dropped objects. Cleanroom booties are required when working in the cleanrooms. They are are located next to the cleanroom suit cabinet.


Safety glasses provide protection against flying objects and some chemical splashes. When working with chemicals, especially when heating or mixing, goggles that seal around the face will provide better protection and prevent damage. Safety glasses are available for use throughout the lab.