How to Schedule Instruments



To use reserve equipment requires two steps

1. Fill out a form to explain what you are doing.

2. Reserve time.

You will then be approved! If there is a problem with the request Brian or Chuck will contact you.


Step-by-Step Instructions

These instructions show you how to use the reservation form and calendar. Please click here to start.


Complete Calendar Instructions

There are many features that are not listed in the above step-by-step instructions such as email reminders of upcoming reservations, invitations, sorting, and more! Complete information on the calendaring system can be found here or downloaded here.


Notice to all users

Using equipment without completing the reservation process will result in a discussion with your professor and can lead to not being allowed to use equipment in CeNSE! No exceptions. We reserve the right to take further action if necessary as decided by the CeNSE staff. If you have an emergency or urgent case contact Brian or Chuck. It is our mission to allow you to use the equipment not restrict you from it. We will do everything we can to help you so long as it's safe for yourself, others, and the equipment.