We have migrated to a new calendering system

You can go to the new system by clicking here. (also found under equipment pull down menu)


  1. Only allowed to reserve time on tools that people have been trained on
  2. Automatic email confirmation (when approved by us)
  3. Instant look at all reservations for all equipment on one page or by tool
  4. Ability to prevent reservations, by declaring as inactive, when equipment is down
  5. Able to set minimum and maximum reservation times
  6. Able to restrict how much in advance a request must be made
  7. Ability to allow faculty to confirm their own reservations without further administrative permissions or for equipment with no training (i.e. software key)
  8. Capability to mass email lab users
  9. Able to restrict week-end reservations by tool.
  10. Ability for reoccurring reservation (i.e. class or maintenance)
  11. Nearly unlimited search and sort capabilities