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Post-Doctoral Research Associate: Programmable transdermal drug delivery system

Hindsí Lab, Dept. of Chem. & Mater. Engr.  Univ. of KY

The Hinds lab is actively developing applications for carbon nanotube membranes.  In particular a NIH NIDA PECASE award (R01) is to develop a programmable transdermal drug delivery system for addiction treatment (PNAS 2010).  This device takes advantage of remarkable nanofluidic properties of CNTs (Nature 2005) and ion induced electroosmotic flow (Nat. Nano. 2012) that is 100 fold more power efficient than conventional nanoporous materials.  This allows for a watch battery to continuously pump for 10 days, allowing for a compact device.  The key merit of this approach is that remote counseling by phone/internet/smart-phone can program dosing to reduce cravings and provide psychological feedback.  2 types of projects are available with required background:

1)  Animal studies:  Design, perform and analyze devices on animal study model

Phd in Pharmacy or life sciences with animal handling and therapeutic assays (HPLC, Uv-Vis, MS) experience

2)  Protype development:  Design, program and test transdermal prototype delivery device

PhD in Materials, Chemical, or electrical enginineering, membranes science, physical chemistry.  Knowledge in electrochemistry, programming and surface science. 

Successful candidates will be offered competitive salary and benefits based on their experience and accomplishments. Salary range will be $36-44k.  The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, KY USA ( The University of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity University.  Anticipated starting date is Jan. 2 2013.  For more information see


To Apply

Please contact Prof. Bruce Hinds ( with cover letter and CV.

(updated Nov. 1 2012)