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The exciting opportunities this group offers prospective graduate students


Students from many backgrounds such as Materials and Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics can succeed and prosper in this research program.   In addition to the creative and critical thinking skills that a research degree develops, career enhancing skills that can be gained include:

Electronic thin film fabrication

Electrical characterization

Materials characterization (SEM, TEM, AFM, surface characterization)


Chemical synthesis

Self-assembly surface chemistry

Membrane separation techniques

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  My contact policy:  I'm quite busy and typically don't have time to write a thoughtful letter for all inquirers.  You are welcome to send an e-mail, just please don't be discouraged with a lack of a prompt  response.  I do quickly read them, and file e-mails of promising students to check with applicant pool in late February.  Since I usually don't know about funding until very close to decision time (late March), I generally don't e-mail back prospects of admission (since I don't know funding).  Thus I encourage people to apply to the Materials Science Program by the deadline.  An e-mail from you explaining research interest in late February/early March is appropriate and I would then remind me to bring the application up with the admission committee.

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