UK Electron Microscopy Facility

The UK Electron Microscope Facility is a user-cost facility that allows the entire university and neighboring industries access to cutting edge Materials Characterization equipment.  Our highly experienced staff ensures proper training of users and technical assistance to maximize research efficiency.  Nominal user fees ensure the continuation of cutting edge capabilities and service.  For more information contact any of the personnel below.

Director:  Prof. Eric Grulke

Staff:    Dr. Alan Dozier (TEM) (859 257-2300 ex295 )

Larry Rice (SEM) (859 257-2300 ex 276)


Equipment available


Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

Joel 2010 (High resolution imaging, STEM, EELS, EDS, analytical TEM)

Joel 2000 (lattice imaging, STEM, EDS, routine analysis and training )


Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

Hitachi S3600 (environmental chamber, EDS mapping, large sample stage)

Hitachi S900 (field emission tip for nm-resolution)


Atomic Force Microscope

Digital Instruments AFM (contact and tapping mode)


Sample Preparation

Polishing wheel, diamond saw, dimpling,  ion milling, fume hood for chemical polishing, sputter coating, thermal evaporation, photography darkroom, computer workstation for image analysis.