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All backgrounds are welcome in the Materials Graduate Program


Here's a link to more info about the field of MSE

Materials Science and Engineering is truly a multi-disciplinary field.  In essence the field is the application of new science in transforming matter to suit our needs.  The science comes from many fields such as chemistry, physics, biology and it is used to advance ALL fields of engineering.  Thus students of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  This program is an ideal way to broaden ones horizons and effectively utilize previous training in new ways.  Materials scientist and engineers are typically in high demand because of the broad background developed.  This is particularly critical when one considers that processing is the most important aspect of the economy of producing goods.  Materials people find themselves with a variety of projects that involve trouble shooting detective work, design, process design, research and development.  But probably most important is the interest and career satisfaction through utilizing new science to contribute to a variety of cutting edge fields.


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