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About Professor Hinds


University of Kentucky                   Full Professor 2011-present, Associate 2007-2011, Assistant  Professor 2001-2007, Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Tokyo Institute of Technology         Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science/NSF Post-doctoral Fellowship, Single electron device fabrication 1998-2001

North Carolina State University      Postdoctoral Appointment, Semiconductor interface optimization 1996-1998

Northwestern University                Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry 1996

Northwestern University                M.S. Chemistry 1992

Harvey Mudd College                   B.S. Chemistry 1991

     Professor Hinds has a unique background in Chemistry and electronic device processing.  Bachelor studies were in general Chemistry at Harvey Mudd College in California.  His Ph.D. work was on the growth of high temperature superconductors at Northwestern University with Prof. Tobin Marks.  In addition to experience with materials growth and characterization, the thesis project included inorganic compound synthesis of CVD precursors.  Upon completion of the degree, he went on to post-doc with Gerry Lucovsky at NC State to learn about semiconductor processing and interface states in the Si/SiO2 system.  After 2 years, he then had an exciting opportunity to learn about nano-scale fabrication at the Tokyo Institute of Technology with Prof. Shunri Oda.  This research effort was based on memory devices that stored a single electron in a nano-crystal of silicon.  He then joined the faculty of the University of Kentucky to start a research program to bring electronics fabrication to the molecular level.  While developing novel technologies for nano-lithography, a new method to form carbon nanotube membranes was made.  Applications of this system include drug delivery, energy storage, chemical separations and water purification.


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Bruce Hinds
William Bryan Profess of Materials Engineering
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University of Kentucky
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