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Hinds Group Fall '08

Welcome to the Hinds' Group web site

This is an active research group in the Chemical & Materials Engineering Department that is focused on making nano-structures useful by precise placement of active chemical functionality.  This is a cross-disciplinary research effort that borrows heavily from chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and materials science.  Success in our nano-scale fabrication techniques will have many creative applications in information storage and processing, bio-sensing, chemical separations and drug delivery.


Prof. Hinds officially move to Univ. of Washington (Seattle) to be the Campbell Chaired Professor of MSE. Many great things have (will continue) happened at UKy and Prof. Hinds hopes for even more success at UW.

Congratulations Zhiqiang Chen for graduating with PhD July 2014. Also congrats to MS (Thesis option) for Tao Chen and Nick Linck

Congrats to Ji and Karen on the recent publication about highly efficient ionic pumping through CNT membranes in the prestigious journal Nature Nanotechnology.   Nat. Nanotech. paper Link    UKy video about the discovery

Congrats to Xin Su for successfully defending his PhD Dec. 2011 and Bing Hu May 2011

Professor Hinds will be vice-chair of the Gordon conference on Membranes: Materials and Processes July 2012, and chairing the July 2014 conference.  At the Fall 2012 MRS meeting Hinds will be co-chairing the symposia of 'Membrane Material Platforms and Concepts for Energy, Environment, and Medical Applications'

Prof. Hinds was promoted to Full Professor July 1 2011, thanks to all students and colleagues for such great support and successes.

Prof. Hinds was a visiting Professor at the European Membrane Institute working with Mihai Barboui Summer 2011, hopefully great collaborative work to come on dynamic membranes.

Congratulations to Ji Wu for the publication of programmable Nicotine delivery through CNT membranes in the prestigious Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. RCS_newlink, Nature Materials Link

Prof. Hinds selected for presidential early career award for the NIH project on programmable transdermal drug delivery White House press release, picture of visit to the White House Jan. '10

Congratulations to Nitin Chopra and Mainak Majumder for starting academic faculty positions. Nitin is at Univ. Alabama Tuskaloosa, and Mainak at Monash Univ. Australia.  Best of luck. (alumni page)

Watch my seminar webcast (1hr) presented at UIUC's water purification center about Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Membranes.


Thank you to William Bryan and his family for their generous donation to UK that allowed for a Professorship in his honor to help our research efforts to advance Materials Engineering at UK.


Learn more about the Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering

Lear more about the NSF-IGERT program in bioactive materials research


A Joint Appointment with the Department of Chemistry was approved July 1 2003.  UK Chemistry students can officially join my group!  Please contact me if our research at the nano-scale interests you!

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