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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Machine reliability is a crucial component to establishing and sustaining True Lean™. Machines must always be available to operate safely, with perfect quality, and stable reliability to support the needs of production.

This course is based on the Toyota Global Standard for Total Productive Maintenance. The goal of TPM is to assure machine and process reliability at minimal cost.

Designed for:

Enterprise Leadership with Maintenance accountability, Engineering leaders, Lean Transformation leaders, Maintenance leadership, Operations management, Supply Chain management.


Knowledge you will gain

  1. The essential pillars of TPM that lead to high operational availability
  2. Preventing failure recurrence through Problem Solving
  3. Identifying and controlling cost in Spare Parts Inventory, MRO
  4. Establishing effective Preventive, Periodic and Predictive Maintenance systems   
  5. Implementing appropriate Operator/Autonomous Maintenance practices
  6. Developing and managing Skill versatility


Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”

  • This interactive session includes off-campus tour of Toyota, and open discussions
  • Toyota Way and Toyota Production System (TPS) elements such as problem solving, standardized work, and continuous improvement are woven into sessions
  • Upon completion, participants will be able to not only describe the philosophy, principles, and practice, but also to determine their needs-based next steps


Coaching Available

  • On-Site coaching for Operations, Maintenance and Engineering Teams
  • Ongoing needs-based coaching on TPM elements and planning for machine reliability improvements in your operations.


Location & Length:

  1. On campus (2 days)
  2. Dedicated location (Site of your choice)

Fees: $2,500 per on-campus participant. For information on fees for dedicated session, contact Sandra Dunn

Dates: Coming Soon!

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