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Garry Elkington


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Garry Elkington has 38 years of Toyota experience. He began his Toyota career in Australia, and continued with assignments in Japan and North America.  In Australia, Garry joined Toyota as a team member in Power Train, and eventually became the plant General Manager.

During his two years in Japan, Garry had the opportunity to learn from, and be mentored by, TPS Masters within the Global TPS division at Toyota Motor Corporation.  This particular work focused on both Toyota plant and Japanese supplier operational improvements in the Toyota City area of Japan.

His North American experiences included leading Toyota Indiana’s Supplier Development team, supporting the Midwest Automotive Supplier network, to focus on the improvement of quality and process systems, and root cause problem solving.  In addition, he was a member of TMMI’s TPS group, and served as Toyota’s North American TPS liaison with Kentucky’s automotive supplier network, including the Bluegrass Automotive Manufacturing Association (BAMA). During his tenure, Garry also focused on plant level-by-level training and development requirements for the principles and practical application of TPS.

In 2018, upon retirement, Garry joined UK True Lean as an Instructor and Coach.