College of Engineering Admissions

New Freshman Applicants

Minimum freshman entry requirements are an ACT math score of 23 of higher or an SAT math score of 540 or higher. Engineering students must maintain a 2.0 GPA. They are required to take four semesters of calculus, two semesters of physics, two semesters of chemistry and a professions class. (The requirements for Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering differ).

Preparation sequence for Calculus I:
  • ACT math score of 27 or higher or SAT math score of 610 or higher should enroll in MA 113, Calculus I
  • ACT math score of 23-25 or SAT math score of 540-600 should enroll in MA 110, Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry. The College of Engineering requires at least a C in this 4-hour course before enrolling in MA 113.

NOTE: A Mathematics Department Placement Exam will be required of all entering students desiring to take math courses. The exam score will guide the selection of a proper math course for the student.

Students not meeting the admission requirement, but still interested in pursuing an engineering degree, may register at UK in Undergraduate Studies (in Miller Hall) and may enroll in freshman level engineering classes. Once students are prepared to begin major courses (which include appropriate physical sciences, math, statistics, drafting, and computer courses), they may enter the College of Engineering.

Students may also consider taking preparatory coursework at many of the other colleges and universities offering math and science courses in Kentucky prior to seeking admission to the College of Engineering. Transfer students who have completed the freshmen courses should apply directly to their department of choice.

Any student with questions regarding admission to the College of Engineering at UK can get input by contacting the Director of Student Services at 859-257-1021 or the Associate Dean for Administration and Academic Affairs at 859-257-8827 or 859-257-1864.

Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students must complete an application to the University of Kentucky, submit a transcript from the last secondary school and all subsequent post secondary institutions attended, and include a copy of all ACT results. Please consult the eligibility requirements of the UK Bulletin to determine if you meet the requirements for transfer admission.

We appreciate your interest in our undergraduate program. If you have questions concerning the transfer process, please contact Student Services.

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