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SEAM Graduate Testimonials

“SEAM has been a great experience for me. The SEAM program immersed me with a witty group of business students and engineering students. They say when you surround yourself with good people that want to help others and themselves, you too grow in a positive manner, and that’s what I found in the SEAM program. It helped me to participate in community service, coffee talks and site visits at places like Toyota and Proctor and Gamble, and it helped me gain an understanding of the importance of business and engineering minded people working together on projects, which we usually had at least once a semester thanks to the SEAM classes.”
UK Electrical Engineering Alumni, SEAM Honors Graduate ‘16

“SEAM allows you to meet and collaborate with some of the brightest students at the university. By interacting with so many diverse students within the program it gives invaluable insight into the thought process of various industries. The support system that SEAM brings about is bar none and allows you to reach for and secure the highest goals you can set for yourself.”
UK Chemical Engineering Alumni, SEAM Honors Graduate ‘16

“I understand the SEAM program is a program that is designed by students to make of it what they will. I hope all future 'SEAMers' understand the importance of a program like SEAM, use the program to its maximum potential and expand their success in the SEAM program/classes, major classes and all future endeavors.”
UK Business Alumni, SEAM Honors Graduate ‘16