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The Engineering Living Learning Program (ELLP) offers a unique opportunity to College of Engineering students who are passionate about pursuing a career in engineering or computer science to live together in a common, goal-focused community. This residential experience complements classroom expectations by integrating students into the engineering community with programs centered on professional development and enhancement. In addition, the ELLP provides students with opportunities to interact with College of Engineering deans and faculty, alumni representatives from the industry and advisors. Hand-selected peer mentors help students meet the academic expectations of the engineering program and excel in academic excellence. Finally, ELLP students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on engineering classes with other engineering students in a state-of-the-art classroom located within the ELLP on the first floor of Woodland Glen III.

The academic accolades that have been recorded from previous ELLP cohorts are amazing. Freshmen in the 2015/16 ELLP were retained in the UK College of Engineering at a 12 percent higher rate than non-ELLP students. Additionally, the 2015/16 ELLP cohort earned a CGPA of 3.06 and 46 freshmen in the ELLP garnered an astounding 4.0 CGPA after their first year of engineering/computer science studies. The ELLP is focused on strong academic results aimed towards achieving higher retention rates at both the University of Kentucky and within the College of Engineering.

 The impact to your schedule will be minimal.  The majority of the programming, activities and events will take place right in WG III.  Participating in the program will not extend the amount of time to graduation. In fact, having a close community of students and faculty to support you will help you stay on track and graduate on time.

The ELLP is open to all incoming freshmen who are admitted to the UK College of Engineering, as well as to any returning UK College of Engineering students.

Yes, you must be pursuing a degree in the UK College of Engineering.

Students apply via their UK Housing Application in the MyUK online portal. Because beds are limited, we encourage you to apply early. 

All ELLP students live together in the newly constructed Woodland Glen III residence hall. WG III boasts two-bedroom, suite-style living with private bedrooms and is conveniently located near the iconic William T. Young Library, the popular fitness and recreation facility known as the Johnson Center and one of the largest on-campus dining facilities, The 90.

All ELLP students are paired with other ELLP roommates. This promotes social connections and a solid support structure for students pursuing a College of Engineering degree. If you and your desired roommate are both in the ELLP, you can request a specific roommate via the UK Housing application.

No. To get the full experience of living in the LLP, we encourage students who accept their offer to live in the ELLP to plan to reside with another student admitted to the ELLP.

Absolutely! Freshmen accepted in the UK Honors or the SEAM Honors Program can also be part of the ELLP.

For other questions, please contact:

Katie Wilder
Director of the Engineering Living Learning Program
355-G P. F. Paul Anderson Tower
Lexington, KY 40506-0046