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Environmental Engineering Certificate Application

Environmental engineering careers often begin with educational training in traditional engineering disciplines, but require specialized cross-disciplinary training to cover a broader breadth to address environmental issues. For engineering degree seeking students who are interested in pursuing environmental-related careers, the environmental engineering certificate enhances traditional education offered within degree programs available within the UK College of Engineering.

The Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Certificate requires a student to complete a total of 12 credit hours (200-level or greater), submit a report that reflects they can use environmental engineering and environmental science concepts to address environmental problems that combine academic disciplines. It integrates principles of engineering, biology, and chemistry with the development of sustainable solutions to environmental problems impacting ecosystem and human health.

Only 9-credits of the certificate’s total 12-credits can also be applied toward the student’s engineering degree. Click here to download a PDF of the course requirements for this certificate.

To apply for the Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Certificate, submit the following:

  • Signed form confirming the applicant met with a member of the Faculty of Record;
  • Completed course plan with advisor’s signature;
  • Written statement of interest describing the applicant’s professional goals and rationale for applying for the environmental engineering certificate (500 words).

For questions, contact:

Dr. Kelly G. Pennell at kellypennell@uky.edu

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