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Online Programs

The centuries-old model for creating learning communities by aggregating teachers and learners in the same place at the same time is now being extended to our massively connected electronic world. Advance your education and career prospects with one or more of our fully online programs.

Online Master's Degree

Manufacturing Systems Engineering
The master’s program is multi-disciplinary, involving faculty from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Materials, as well as the College of Business and Economics. Students are introduced to a broad spectrum of topics – concepts from engineering to relevant business processes in manufacturing. 

Online Graduate Certificates

Manufacturing Systems
For engineers and professionals in manufacturing and operations interested in continuing education to advance technical knowledge and capabilities without having to commit to a master’s degree.

Power Systems
The online Graduate Certificate in Power Systems is designed to provide students with the core knowledge and latest advancements in power systems analysis, modeling, operation, control, optimization and integration of renewable energies, as well as produce well-trained graduates in this specialty. Students will learn the theory in various aspects of power systems and master the tools and techniques for planning and operating power systems and solving real-world problems.