If somebody asks me what my major is, what can I tell them?

    Until you declare your major during the spring of your First-Year, you can proudly tell them, “I am an engineering student” and that engineering majors announce their specific program in the spring.

What classes will I take in addition to the EGR classes during my First-Year?

    The curriculum sheets for all majors show the same UK core courses like CIS/WRD, CHE 105, PHY 231 and calculus. Some majors will also require chemistry lab CHE 111, physics lab PHY 241 or CS 215 which you can take during your first year.

Do other engineering colleges have First-Year Engineering Programs like this?

    Yes. Many colleges of engineering have seen a correlation between First-Year programs and academic retention and instituted their own programs. Among schools in the SEC, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt all have variations on the First-Year program, but we believe ours is one of the most comprehensive available.

Does every incoming engineering freshman have to be in the First-Year Engineering Program? It is a requirement to be an engineering student?

    Yes, the First-Year Engineering courses are part of all nine degree programs.

What about scholarships that have traditionally been tied to particular majors? Are they no longer available?

    They are still available. Students will designate an interest area when applying for admission and scholarships tied to a particular interest area may be provided. However, you are not committed to declaring for that major. If you declare a different major, you may not receive that scholarship in subsequent years.

Once I choose a major, am I still free to change majors if I find I don’t like it?

    Yes, many of the second year courses are common across majors and some courses from one major may count as electives in another major. The advisors in the College of Engineering will help determine whether you will need to take extra courses.