So You Want to Be An Engineer?

You know engineering is for you.

You know you want to be a maker, someone whose understanding of math and science enables them to bring new technological creations into existence.

You read Internet articles and blog posts about water filtration, artificial intelligence, smart vehicles and drones and think, “I would love to work on that!”

But which of engineering’s diverse fields is right for you?

And what if the area you choose doesn’t turn out to be what you hoped it was?


Make an Informed Choice

The University of Kentucky College of Engineering’s First-Year Engineering Program is designed to remove as much guesswork from your major selection as possible. Instead of pushing through a major you don’t like, or adding time and expense by changing majors, you can make an informed choice thanks to a hands-on, team experience that exposes you to all of our engineering majors from the start.

Read on for more information about how our First-Year Engineering Program sets you up to graduate with proven knowledge and skills in a field you love!