“Countless leaders have graduated from the UK College of Engineering.  Many distinguished alumni have succeeded as owners of major corporations, project engineers, medical professionals, government leaders, corporate vice-presidents, leaders in academia and more.  Each class will have the opportunity to spend time with the distinguished alumni during class lectures and dinner to understand the value and importance of solid leadership skills.  Our 2016 guests included:

  • Ms. Beth A Weeks, B.S. in Computer Science, 1985 – BioSketch
  • Ms. Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 1988 – BioSketch
  • Dr. F. Joseph Halcomb III, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – BioSketch
  • Dr. Lee Todd Jr, MD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering – BioSketch
  • Mr. Berkley Davis Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – BioSketch