Dr. Larry HollowayThe Engineering Leadership Program instructed by Dean Holloway, and its associated course, EGR 490, offer unique opportunities to meet personally with individuals whose responsibilities impact engineering in Kentucky and beyond. These leaders have taken time out of their personal schedules not only to serve as guest speakers, but also to attend dinners for the class, offering an added opportunity to interact with and learn from them. Our speakers are asked to share their knowledge and experience, including how they arrived in positions of leadership and how they view their roles as leaders. They will also provide insight into their personal leadership philosophy, and how it has been shaped by the field in which they work. Students will learn from the leaders` experiences – successes, mistakes, crisis situations, and their responsibility to the community as leaders of their organizations. Additionally, we ask speakers if they adhere to particular academic theories about leadership.

Our goal is that as a student participant, you will gain insight into your own style of leadership by listening to the experiences of accomplished leaders. We encourage you to take note of their advice and apply it to your own leadership roles. Of course, no two leaders are exactly alike. You may find that some practices work better than others. It is through a process of trial and error that many of us find our leadership style. Once you are able to clearly understand your personal style and articulate it, you will become a more effective leader. This vision of what you intend to achieve and how you plan to achieve it will become clearer. In sum, this course should enable you to more successfully move a team, an organization, a residence unit and/or a company toward the completion of its mission and goals.