hs-logo-primary-lgUK’s online career management system, that allows you to apply for jobs and internships and sign up for on-campus interviews online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world! Many local, state, national and even international employers conduct interviews on UK’s campus during the fall and spring. Don’t miss out on this chance to land an interview! You can also publish your resume to a resume book for review by employers, find specific contacts at an organization and view company information sessions through Handshake. You can access the student site here.

Goin’ Global: The university of Kentucky has a resource available to UK students to help them find internship or full time positions abroad.  The site also gives you detailed country career guides on common customs and information on a number of foreign countries.

F 1 Visa Students: Goin’ Global provides statistics on companies in the United States that have sponsored prospective employees’ visas in the past. This can be a valuable resource for your job search, as it gives you an indication of whether a company commonly sponsors, or hardly ever does.

Please note that the Goin’ Global Resource requires a UK active directory (myUK/linkBlue) username and password.

Other job search sites

These sites are not sponsored or endorsed by the College of Engineering, but they are excellent ways to start looking for a job! Be sure to contact us to get resume and interview advice.

Civil Engineering Jobs:

Search by geographic region: http://www.ceecareers.com/

Careers in the Plastics Industry:


Career Networking and Job Search for Women Engineers:

Women Engineers Recruitment Center (WERC): www.womenengineers.com. The WERC environment enables both sides to connect, in real-time, and from the convenience of the home or office. This is open to all levels of Women Engineers ranging from current students to highly experienced. When you create a profile on the site, you will have access to leading companies such as; Intel, Boston Scientific, Facebook, Google, Boeing, Microsoft, Apple, General Electric, 3M, Ford, Verizon and more. Companies will host their own virtual career fairs, open houses, and chat sessions, and we will also host multi-company engineer focused virtual career fairs throughout the year.


Regional job search resources:

Lousiville, KY area jobs:
Bowling Green, KY area jobs:


Huntsville, AL area jobs:



Other Resources:

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linked in logoLinkedIIn Job search resources:


For Salary searches, you can use (and add your own data):