The first step is to define the term “Engineering Co-op”.

For UK Engineering:

  • “Co-op” is a formal, alternating semester program, requiring special co-op registration procedures for the student participants. This is the traditional, academic co-op model in which participants usually hire students to work for a total of three, full-time semesters (about four months each) alternating with semesters of study on campus. Many employers hire a pair of students who alternate with one another and are able to cover a full-time position over a period of two years.
  • Summer jobs/internships require no formal working agreement with UK. We are happy to post listings for your organization on the university’s system, Handshake. We will also directly advertise your engineering positions to all job-seekers via our email list for each engineering major.
  • Part-time positions require no formal working agreement with UK. We are happy to post listings directly to all students via our email list for each engineering major.

The next step is to contact one of the co-op staff in order to discuss your particular needs:
Zachary Fuqua, 859-257-9145

Our co-op program is set up to “fit” the format of many corporations in Kentucky and across the country that use co-op as a major recruiting tool. Special arrangements or needs are always an option. Almost a quarter of UK’s engineering and computer science graduates have co-op experience at the time of graduation, and about 75 percent of our graduating class has some form of practical work experience in the field, either through co-op, part-time work or summer internships. The company size is not important; the work assignments must, however, complement academic programs and must increase in challenge and responsibility as students progress through work semesters. is the website for the national Cooperative and Experiential Education Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Please also download the Cooperative and Experiential Education division’s co-op supervisor manual that might help you set up a new program at your organization.

If you would like to find out about Co-op and Internship programs at academic institutions nationwide, please also download the Division’s Co-op Directory