The dates below are officially listed as academic periods by the UK . These academic dates must be kept in mind so that students have ample transition time between work and school. The summer term consists of both a four-week (Summer Session 1) and an eight-week session (Summer Session 2), but students only register for co-op credit during Summer Session 2, but are expected to co-op throughout the summer, unless they request permission to shorten the co-op session.

Academic Calendar at UK (from first day of classes until end of final exams)

Summer 2016                Fall 2016                              Spring 2017

June 13- Aug 5             August 24 – Dec 16            Jan. 11 – May 5 ___________________________________________________________

Summer 2017                Fall 2017                              Spring 2018

June 12-Aug 4             August 23 – Dec 15             Jan. 10 – May 4

The dates below are suggested co-op work sessions. The work semesters overlap by a week so that incoming co-op students may be brought up to speed on current projects by the outgoing co-op. We actually have two sessions during the summer: a four-week and an eight-week session. The four-week offers very few engineering courses with the exception of our lean manufacturing boot camps. Students pursuing the Lean Manufacturing Certificate Program need to be in classes early May through early June. A student may need to take an elective course during that session (mid-May – mid-June). However, most co-ops will elect to stay at their spring work site until mid-June before returning to summer school.

Suggested Co-op Dates for UK Co-op Students

Summer 2016                  Fall 2016                            Spring 2017

May 16 – Aug 12            Aug. 8 – Dec 16               Jan 2 – May 19

(13 weeks)                    (20 weeks)                         (20 weeks)

Summer 2017                  Fall 2017                           Spring 2018

May 15 – Aug 11           Aug. 7 – Dec 22               Jan 2 – May 18

(13 weeks)                    (20 weeks)                         (20 weeks)