Students with documented physical‚ learning‚ or temporary disabilities may receive assistance and support from this office.  It is recommended that students contact the Disability Resource Center early to request specific assistance so that the required medical or psychological documentation can be reviewed and reasonable accommodations can be provided from the beginning of class work in order to achieve the greatest benefit to the student.

Students may register with the Disability Resource Center at any time by the following methods:

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss documentation and accommodation needs;
  • Bring in medical or psychological documentation to support your disability;
  • Complete a registration form.

The Disability Resource Center is located in Alumni Gym‚ Room 2‚ at the corner of Avenue of Champions and South Limestone Street (next to the Student Center and across South Limestone Street from Kennedy Bookstore).  By phone‚ please call V/TDD (859) 257-2754, or visit their web site:

For Faculty:  For information about the Faculty role in services for students with disabilities and testing accommodation, see: