REGISTRATION:  All registration information –

PROGRAM & COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Engineering Course Bulletin.

WAITLISTS:  Most classes provide a “waitlist” option.  This does not mean automatic enrollment when the semester starts.  Always opt for the guaranteed seat over the chancy waitlist.

OVERRIDES:   You are responsible for contacting the academic department to request an override for a “full” class.

PREREQUISITES:  Most if not all Engineering courses adhere to strict prerequisite requirements.  Pay close attention to prerequisites as you plan your semesters.

Add/drop and Withdrawal deadlines:

Registration Help Line:  (859) 257-7173

Full-time vs Part-time: Enrollment in a course load of 12 credit hours is the minimum for being considered a full time student. Full time students may have some benefits not available to those carrying less than 12 hours. Financial aid, insurance, and access to some University sponsored events could be affected by how many hours you take in a semester. Check with your advisor with specific concerns that you might have.