For a current UK student who wants to declare INTO an Engineering major from another academic college:

When: See the  Registrar’s Academic Calendar for approved dates for changing majors.

Before you apply: You may apply for pre-major status if you have a UK cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher AND you have the prerequisites to enroll in, or have completed, MA 110.

How: To begin the process, please click here.  Your record will be reviewed and admission will be determined.

Now What: If you are accepted, you will receive an email verification of your admission. Take this verification to your current college, fill out a change of major form, and you will be given paperwork to deliver to 373 Ralph G. Anderson Building. Once you have delivered the paperwork to Engineering you will be officially declared and assigned an advisor in the college.

To change or declare OUT OF an Engineering major:

When: See the Academic Calendar for approved dates for changing majors. For an Engineering student changing to a different Engineering major, the period to change is always open.

Who: Any student can change majors during the designated approved periods but certain restrictions apply:

  • Majors in Colleges of Business, Communications, Design, Engineering, Nursing and the major of Landscape Architecture (all “Selective”) must first apply and then be accepted into the major prior to declaring.

Where: For Engineering students, come to room 373 Ralph G. Anderson Building to begin the process.

What: Bring your UK student ID with you. If you have been permitted into a selective major, bring your admission notice. Proof of acceptance must be presented in order to release your records.