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A Double Major vs a Double Degree:

Double majors and double degrees are two different things – – –

For a double major a student fulfills the college requirements for their PRIMARY major and departmental requirements for the second major.  Student will receive 1 diploma with both majors listed.   Example:

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering


For a double degree a student fulfills the college and departmental requirements for BOTH majors.  The student must have 24 earned hours over and above the number required for their PRIMARY degree.  For example, for a double degree CS and EE, CS requires 128 hours so the student must fulfill both degree requirements and have a total of 152 hours to graduate with 2 degrees.     The student will receive 2 diplomas – 1 for each major. Example:

1st diploma:  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

2nd diploma:  Bachelor of Science



Note:  For students intending to double degree or major, the Engineering major MUST be your PRIMARY degree or major.

A Minor:

A minor is a structured group of courses leading to a knowledge and understanding of a subject, but with less depth than a major. Minor options are described with the major programs in the UK Bulletin and also via the UK Registrar’s web site:

Minors that Engineering offers are:

Computer Science:

Biomedical Engineering:

For additional details regarding double majors, additional Bachelor’s degrees and minors, see “Graduation Requirements” in the UK Bulletin.