Students are eligible for the Dean’s List by meeting these requirements during the Fall or Spring semester:

• 3.6 or better semester GPA;

• 12 or more credit hours;

• no E, I or F grades;

• no grades out; and

• no more than 3 hours pass/fail.

This achievement appears on the student’s official transcript.


There are two levels of admission for every Engineering major:

1st  level – “Pre-Engineering” –includes all students accepted to the College of Engineering and continues until selected preliminary major courses are completed.

2nd level- “Engineering Standing” –students who have achieved the minimum 2.5 GPA in the selected major courses and a minimum cumulative GPA(major specific).  This status allows enrollment  in upper division engineering courses.

Each major in the College of Engineering has a specific departmental GPA (currently a 2.5 or greater) and grade requirements for engineering standing. Requirements may include courses counted in first three semesters, repeat options allowed, number of applications for engineering standing allowed, restrictions on taking upper level courses, minimum course grades, etc.

The same criteria are applied to transfer students with the equivalence of courses determined by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA is required to remain in Engineering (See College of Engineering Probation and Suspension)

See “College of Engineering” in the UK Bulletin for additional details and specific GPA requirements for each major.


Alpha Sigma Mu – Materials Engineering

Chi Epsilon – Civil Engineering

Eta Kappa Nu – Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Gamma Sigma Delta (GSD) – Biosystems Engineering

Mu Nu Gamma – Mining Engineering

Omega Chi Epsilon – Chemical Engineering

Upsilon Pi Epsilon – Computer Science

Pi Tau Sigma – International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society

Tau Beta Pi – College of Engineering Honor Society


All Engineering National and Student Organizations: