Why does the University of Kentucky charge an Engineering Enhancement Fee?

State funding for Kentucky’s public universities has declined by more than 30% since 2008. Since an engineering education is more costly to provide than most academic majors, state funding cuts affect engineering disproportionately than it does others. As a result, it would be impossible for the College of Engineering to provide a world class engineering educational experience without the availability of fees to provide additional funding.  As we set these fees, we try to balance the need for the necessary funds to deliver our educational programs with the need to keep the cost of attending the University of Kentucky affordable for our students.


Is the money collected from the Engineering Enhancement Fee passed to the College of Engineering?

Yes. The money collected from the Engineering Fee is passed to the College of Engineering.


How is the Engineering Enhancement Fee used?

At UK, all of the fees that we collect are used to provide services to students. Items supported from the fee include: materials, equipment, and staff support for student instructional laboratories; an Engineering Career Development Center to help students find jobs, internships, and co-ops; student computer labs with engineering software and a staff of IT people to support the equipment; the eStudio that helps students develop their communication skills; academic tutoring; professional advising; and scholarship coordination. Each of these services is important for our College and our students, however, each comes with a cost.  The fee cost is small compared to the benefit of the services provided.


What is the estimated cost of the engineering enhancement fee to an undergraduate student?

The current tuition and fee structure can be found on the University’s website. The engineering fee charged to each student is based on the number of engineering courses taken during the academic year. The current fee is $57.60 per credit hour for all engineering courses.


What is the estimated cost of the engineering enhancement fee to an engineering student?

The total cost will vary. The $57.60 per credit hour student fee is only charged on engineering courses. An average engineering student will take 6 credit hours per semester in their freshman year. This would result in a fee of $345 per semester.