EM 221-(201 UK, 001 WKU)          STATICS            SPRING 2009


1. LECTURES:   UK:  9:00-9:55 MWF,  RMB 309;  WKU: 8:00-8:55 MWF, MMTH 249


2. UK INSTRUCTOR:          M. T. Hanson,  RGAN 287


3. OFFICE HOURS:  M. T. Hanson   12:30-2:00 MWF, 10:00-12:00 T Th (eastern time)


4. CLASS WEB SITE:  http://www.engr.uky.edu/statics


5. EMAIL:  hanson@engr.uky.edu


6. TELEPHONE:   Hanson (859-257-6336 ext. 80667)


7. TEXT: Engineering Mechanics - Statics,  Sixth Edition, 2007, by Meriam and Kraige




Vector algebra; study of the forces on bodies at rest;  study of force systems; 

equivalent force systems;  distributed forces;  internal forces;  principles of

equilibrium;  application to trusses, frames and beams;  friction. 


9. Concepts to be introduced to students:


Vector components and vector operations

Position vector, force vector and resultant

Rectangular components and direction cosines

Dot and Cross Product

Moment of a force and couple

Distributed loading and equivalent force systems

Free Body Diagrams, Newton's Laws and Equilibrium

Beams, trusses and frames

Internal forces, shear force and bending moment diagrams


Center of gravity and centroids, moment of inertia


10. It is expected that students will develop the ability to:


          1.  Perform necessary vector operations

          2.  Identify and draw appropriate free body diagrams

          3.  Determine moment of a force about a point or line and moment of a couple

          4.  Write appropriate equilibrium equations and solve for unknowns

          5.  Determine resultants of force-couple systems and distributed loadings

          6.  Analyze (as a whole or in separate pieces) truss and frame structures

          7.  Identify and calculate internal forces in structural members

          8.  Draw shear force and bending moment diagrams

9.  Solve problems involving dry friction

        10.  Determine first moments of area and volume

        11.  Locate center of gravity and centroid of a body

        12.  Determine second moment of area and moment of inertia for an area




        University of Kentucky


In order to be enrolled in EM 221 a student must have passed or be currently enrolled in MA 213


        Western Kentucky University


In order to be enrolled in EM 221 a student must


1.      Have passed MATH 126

2.      Currently enrolled in MATH 227, PHYS 250



                           Homework                14%

                           Quizzes (8)             16%

                           Tests (3)               45%

                           Final Exam              25%


Lower cut-offs for letter grades (A, B, C, D) will be (90, 80, 70, 60).  These         

cutoffs may be slightly lowered if, in the instructor's opinion, the grades are too

low.  Also a grade of zero will be given for all unexcused absences from

quizzes and tests and for homework not turned in on time. 


Homework will be assigned in class most days, except on days scheduled for 

tests.  Assignments are due in class at the beginning of the next meeting or as

stated otherwise with the assignment.  Late homework will not be accepted.  Copying

of homework is considered cheating and subject to a failing grade in the class.


Quizzes will consist of one problem (equivalent to a homework problem) and will be given the last 10-15 minutes of class.  Tentative dates are shown below on the schedule.  However these may be shifted if we are ahead or behind schedule.  This will be announced in class.  See course web page for past quiz examples.


Tests will generally consist of four problems (equivalent to homework problems) and will be given the entire class.  Tentative dates are shown below on the schedule.  However these may be shifted if we are ahead or behind schedule.  This will be announced in class.  See course web page for past test examples.


In order to receive full credit: all answers must have the proper units and vector notation must be shown in order to distinguish vectors from scalars. 






                UK      Wednesday February 4 -  last day to drop without a grade

                            Friday April 3 - last day to withdraw from a course with a “W”

                WKU  Monday  February 2 - last day to drop a full semester course without a grade

                            Friday March 20  - last day to withdraw from a full semester course with a “W”




             Student conduct


Cheating and/or plagiarism on graded materials will not be tolerated and will be 

prosecuted to the maximum according to each universities established procedures. 

See class web page for further information per UK and WKU definitions and procedures. 

Any student found cheating will receive a failing grade on that assignment and may further result

in a failing grade for the course. 


Only a pencil, eraser and conventional calculator will be allowed for in class quizzes and tests.

Cell phones, PDA’s and other electronic items are expressly forbidden.


        Classroom attendance


Attendance is expected and absences are excused according to the established policies for

each university.  Acceptable reasons are typically


1.      Serious illness

2.      Illness or death of a family member

3.      University related trips

4.      Other reasons found to be “reasonable” by the instructor



             Classroom and Learning Accommodations


UK students requiring such accommodations should provide documentation of the need prior to the first week of class.  The Disability Resourse Center certifies such need and specifies the particular type of accommodation on an individual student basis.  (Contact Lindsay Jansen, 257-2754, Room 2, Alumni Gym)

Students at WKU should follow the WKU procedure in this regard. 









                 Students may interact and communicate with the instructor is several different ways


1.      Email correspondence and/or via telephone

2.      Asking questions before/during/after class

3.      Personal meeting when instructor visits WKU campus


                 All interactions are expected to be conducted in a professional manner.  Answers to 

                 email questions will be sent to the originating email address.  The instructor will

                 respond to emails in a timely manner after the email has been received.  Emails later in

                 the afternoon or evening may or may not be responded to since the instructor may not

                 check email every evening. 




                 If  students experience any difficulty with delivery or course material in the classroom

                 contact the ITV support personnel at the location or inform the instructor.   



17.  Course Outline


  Class              Day                  Date                  Topics    


    1         M            26         Vectors & Vector Addition (1/1-1/9)

    2         W            28         Vectors & Vector Addition (1/1-1/9)

    3         F            30         2-D Forces (2/1-2/3)

    4         M         February 2    Moments (2/4)

    5         W             4         Moments (2/4) Q1

    6         F             6         Couples (2/5)

    7         M             9         Resultants (2/6)

    8         W            11         Review Q2

    9         F            13         Test #1


   10         M            16         3-D Forces (2/7)

   11         W            18         Moment and Couple (2/8)

   12         F            20         Resultants (2/9)

   13         M            23         2-D Equilibrium (3/1-3/3)

   14         W            25         2-D Equilibrium (3/1-3/3) Q3

   15         F            27         3-D Equilibrium (3/4)

   16         M          March 2      3-D Equilibrium (3/4)

   17         W             4         Review Q4

   18         F             6         Test #2


WKU Spring Break – UK will have class

   19         M             9         Truss – Method of Joints (4/1-4/3)

   20         W            11         Truss – Method of Sections (4/4)

   21         F            13         Frames and Machines (4/6)


UK Spring Break – WKU will have class

   19         M            16         Truss – Method of Joints (4/1-4/3)

   20         W            18         Truss – Method of Sections (4/4)

   21         F            20         Frames and Machines (4/6)


   22         M            23         Frames and Machines (4/6)

   23         W            25         Centroids (5/1-5/3)

   24         F            27         Centroids (5/1-5/3) Q5

   25         M            30         Centroids (5/1-5/3)

   26         W          April 1      Centroid – Composite Body (5/4)

   27         F             3         Centroid – Composite Body (5/4)

   28         M             6      Dist. Loads on Beams (5/6)

   29         W             8         Review Q6

   30         F            10         Test #3


   31         M            13         Shear and Moment (5/7)

   32         W            15         Shear and Moment (5/7)

   33         F            17         Shear and Moment (5/7)

   34         M            20         Shear and Moment (5/7)

   35         W            22         Shear and Moment (5/7) Q7

   36         F            24         Moment of Inertia (A/1-A/2)

   37         M            27         Composite Area (A/3)

   38         W            29         Composite Area (A/3)

   39         F           May 1       Review Q8


Final Exams:  UK May 4 – 8 ,  WKU May 11 - 15


   UK        Th          May 7       Final Exam (10:30-12:30 Eastern Time)

   WKU       T           May 12      Final Exam (8:00-10:00 Central Time)