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Hello and welcome to Dr. Hanson’s STATICS web site. This site is designed for use by students of University of Kentucky and Western Kentucky University in EM 221 statics classes. (For those who have not seen me in awhile I’ve included my picture to the right as I’ve probably changed a little).

This site is designed to provide some basic course information such as class syllabus, homework instructions and assignments, examples of past grade distributions and contact information. Also you can see pictures of those involved in bringing the class to you as well as students in the class (at UK and WKU) by using the people link to on the top.

You will also notice links to on the contents tab for material covered each day in class. These links are organized by chapters. Every chapter has links to the sections within that will be covered in class. Each section link includes course lecture material and at least two worked out example problems to aid in your learning experience.

In the future I hope to add additional exercise problems for each topic to augment the homework problems given in your textbook. Certain sections may also have a link to powerpoint example problems covered in class.

Finally there are links to quizzes and tests from past semesters. Quiz and test problems are essentially identical in level of difficulty to homework problems. In fact, you will notice many are taken directly from the homework sections of your textbook. These examples are intended to provide you with a good idea of what to expect in terms of quiz and test problems. You may also use them for practice quiz and test problems although the problems given in class will be different.