The Team

The UK Solar Car Team is always looking for new members!

  • Students: All majors are invited to join. No prior experience necessary.
  • Faculty advisors: Please come share your expertise!
  • Community members: Interested in solar? Come see how you can help.

Team Structure

Mechanical Team – Makes the car safe and efficient

  • Designs and builds the aerodynamic shell, the chassis, and the vehicle’s suspension.
  • Coordinates the driver controls (steering, braking, acceleration).

Electrical Team – Makes the car go

  • Integrates the solar array, maximum power point trackers, batteries, and motor controller.
  • Enables the solar car to communicate with itself and to the team via the telemetry system.

Business – Makes the car possible

  • Coordinates support from generous corporations and individuals
  • Manages budget of nearly $500,000
  • Plans outreach events and produces media (UK Ch. 50 Videos, Website)

There are two ways to join:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Attend one of our weekly Team Meetings in the DV Terrell Building

Normal Meeting times: 7PM Mondays, 12PM Saturdays in the back of the Terrel Civil Engineering Bldg, behind Funkhouser. Help me find the garage!