Adopt and Donate

Due to new race regulations, the team is required to get new solar cells for the 2014 American Solar Challenge. Along with the rest of the components needed to build Gato del Sol V, solar cells can get expensive!  Cell adoption is an easy way for non-corporate supporters to make as small or large a donation as desired along with feeling a personal connection to the car. Even adopting one or two can help us save!

Gato Del Sol V needs an array of 354 solar cells plus a nominal number of replacements at a price of ~$20 per cell for purchasing and preparation to go on the car.

All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

For adoptions of $100 or more, the contributor’s name will be placed in the Our Supporters section of our website.

To contribute today, you can give online at Under “Gift Information” first select Engineering, second select Solar Car Team Fund.

Or to mail in your adoption, download the Adopt-a-Cell form.


Individual contributors: