Thomas John Balk, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research Areas: Deformation Mechanisms and Mechanical Behavior of Nanoporous Metals, in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy, Structure, Thin Film Plasticity

University of Kentucky, College of Engineering
Materials Engineering - CME
155 FPAT
Lexington, KY 40506-0046
Phone: 859-257-4582
Fax: 859-323-1929

Professional Preparation

University of California, Berkeley Materials Science & Engineering B.S. 1995
University of California, Berkeley Mechanical Engineering B.S. 1995
The Johns Hopkins University Materials Science & Engineering M.S. 1997
The Johns Hopkins University Materials Science & Engineering Ph.D. 2000
Max Planck Institute for Metals Research Postdoc area: Thin Film Plasticity 2000-2002
Stuttgart, Germany


2010-present Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

2004-2010 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

2002-2004 Staff Scientist, Department headed by Prof. Eduard Arzt

Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, Stuttgart, Germany

Five Publications Most Related to this Proposal

  • W.-C. Li and T.J. Balk, “Transition from Single- to Multi-layered Structures in Nanoporous GoldPalladium Ultrathin Films”, Thin Solid Films, 519, pp. 2393–2397 (2011).

  • W.-C. Li and T.J. Balk, “Preparation and Hydrogen Absorption/Desorption of Nanoporous
    Palladium Thin Films”, Materials, 2, pp. 2496-2509 (2009).

  • T.J. Balk, C. Eberl, Y. Sun, K.J. Hemker and D.S. Gianola, “Tensile and Compressive
    Microspecimen Testing of Bulk Nanoporous Gold”, JOM, 61, pp. 26-31 (2009).

  • Y. Sun, J. Ye, A.M. Minor and T.J. Balk, “In Situ Indentation of Nanoporous Gold Thin Films in
    the Transmission Electron Microscope”, Microscopy Res. & Technique, 72, pp. 232-241 (2009).

  • Y. Sun, K.P. Kucera, S.A. Burger and T.J. Balk, “Microstructure, Stability and Thermomechanical Behavior of Crack-Free Thin Films of Nanoporous Gold”, Scripta Materialia, 58, pp. 1018-1021 (2008).

Five Other Significant Publications

  • N. Abdolrahim, D.F. Bahr, B. Revard, C. Reilly, J. Ye, T.J. Balk, H.M. Zbib, “The Mechanical
    Response of Core-Shell Structures for Nanoporous Metallic Materials”, Philosophical Magazine
    A (2013, in press).

  • Y. Sun and T.J. Balk, “A Multi-Step Dealloying Method to Produce Nanoporous Gold with No
    Volume Change and Minimal Cracking”, Scripta Materialia, 58, pp. 727-730 (2008).

  • Y. Sun, J. Ye, Z. Shan, A.M. Minor and T.J. Balk, “The Mechanical Behavior of Nanoporous Gold
    Thin Films”, JOM, 59, pp. 54-58 (2007).

  • T.J. Balk, G. Dehm and E. Arzt, “Parallel Glide: Unexpected Dislocation Motion Parallel to the
    Substrate in Ultrathin Copper Films”, Acta Materialia, 51, pp. 4471-4485 (2003).

  • T.J. Balk and K.J. Hemker, “High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Dislocation
    Core Dissociations in Gold and Iridium”, Philosophical Magazine A, 81, pp. 1507-1531 (2001).