Rodney Andrews, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

Research Areas: Activated carbon materials, Agriculture, Biotechnology, carbon fiber formation, Carbon materials, Energy, Environment, Nanotube synthesis, Nanotube-polymer and nanotube-carbon composite materials, Pitch chemistry and characterization

University of Kentucky, College of Engineering
Center for Applied Energy Research - CAER
2540 Research Park Dr
Lexington, KY 40511-8410
Phone: 859-257-0200

Professional Preparation

Ph.D. – Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky, 1999

B.S. – Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1994


2009-Present        Interim Director, Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing R&D Center

2007-Present        Director, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky.

2006-2007            Acting Director, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky.

2003-2006            Associate Director and Engineer Associate Program Manager II Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky

2003-2007            Assistant Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky.

2001-2003            Assoc.Engineer III, Center for Applied Energy Research, UKy

1999-2001            Associate Engineer II- Research, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky.

Jan. 1997    & Dec. 1995          Visiting Researcher, Institute for Advanced Materials Studies, Kyushu University, Kyushu, Japan.

Selected Publications

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  • Bradley, R.H., Andreu, A., Cassity, K., Osbeck, S., Andrews, R., Meier, M., Johnston, C.
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  • Mangu, R., Rajaputra, S., Clore, P., Qian, D., Andrews, R., Singh, V.P. Ammonia sensing
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  • Han, S.G., Andrews, R., Gairola, C.G. Acute pulmonary response of mice to multi-wall carbon
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