Thomas Dziubla, Ph.D.

Gill Associate Professor

Research Areas: Active Polymeric Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Functionalized Polymer Nanocarriers, Postsurgical Adhesions., Pro/antioxidant Biomaterials, Wound Healing

University of Kentucky, College of Engineering
Chemical and Materials Engineering - CME
Lexington, KY 40506-0108
Phone: 859-257-4063
Fax: 859-323-1929

Professional Preparation

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Honors B.S 1998 Chemical Engineering
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA Ph.D. 2002 Chemical Engineering
University of Pennsylvania School of
Medicine, Philadelphia, PA NRSA PostDoc 2002-2004 Pharmacology


2009-2011 Society of Biomaterials Drug Delivery SIG treasurer/secretary
2009-Present Bioactive Interfaces REU, Faculty Participant
2008-Present Bioactive Interfaces IGERT, Faculty Participant and Steering Committee Member
2006-Present Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
2004- 2006 Research Associate, Institute for Environmental Medicine (IFEM), University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

  • PP Wattamwar, D Biswal, DB Cochran, A Lyvers, JZ Hilt, and TD Dziubla*, “Synthesis and
    Characterization of Poly(antioxidant β-amino esters) for Controlled Release of Polyphenolic
    Antioxidants” Acta Biomaterialia, 8(7):2529-37 PMID:22426289 (2012)

  • Ambati J, Lopez AM, Cochran D, Wattamwar P, Bean K, Dziubla TD, Rankin SE* “Engineered silica
    nanocarriers as a high-payload delivery vehicle for antioxidant enzymes.” Acta Biomaterialia 8(6):2069-
    103 PMID:22366223 (2012)

  • D Biswal, PP Wattamwar, TD Dziubla, JZ Hilt*. ” A single-step polymerization method for poly(betaamino ester) biodegradable hydrogels” Polymer 52(26)5985-5992 (2011)

  • P. Wattamwar, S. Hardas, D Ambati J, Lopez AM, Cochran D, Wattamwar P, Bean K, Dziubla TD, Rankin
    SE..A. Butterfield, K. Anderson, T. Dziubla* “Tuning of the Pro-oxidant and Antioxidant Activity of
    Trolox Through the Controlled Release from Biodegradable Poly(trolox ester) Polymers” J. Biomed
    Mater Res A, 99(2):184-91 PMID: 21976443 (2011)

  • PP Wattamwar, Y Mo, R Wan, R Palli, Q Zhang, and TD Dziubla*. Antioxidant Activity of Degradable
    Polymer Poly(trolox) to Suppress Oxidative Stress Injury in the Cells . Advanced Functional Materials
    20:147-154 (2010)

  • TD Dziubla*, VV Shuvaev, NK Hong, B Hawkins, M Muniswamy, H Takano, E Simone, MT Nakada, A
    Fisher, SM Albelda, and VR Muzykantov, “Endothelial Targeting of Semi-permeable Polymer
    Nanocarriers for Enzyme Therapies.” Biomaterials (2):215-27 (2008)

  • EA Simone*, TD Dziubla, E Arguiri, V Vardon, VV Shuvaev, M Christofidou-Solomidou, VR
    Muzykantov. Loading PEG-Catalase into Filamentous and Spherical Polymer Nanocarriers. Pharm Res
    26(1):250-60, (2009)

  • EA Simone*, T Dziubla, F Colon, D Discher and VR Muzykantov. “Amphiphilicity of PEG-PLA diblock
    copolymer controls the formulation and morphology of nanocarriers protecting loaded therapeutic
    enzyme from proteolysis” Biomacromolecules 2:215-27 (2007)

  • TD Dziubla*, A Karim and V Muzykantov, “Polymer nanocarriers (PNC) protect loaded catalase cargo
    from proteolysis.” Journal of Controlled Release 102(2), 427-439, (2005)