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Graduate Student Financial Aid

We would like to help you identify funding for your graduate studies!

ECE Graduate Student Scholarship Application information: Click Here
Deadline to apply: October 31, 2017.

Financial support for new graduate students:

  • Research Assistantships
    RA positions can only be awarded by an individual professor. If you are interested in an RA position, you will have to contact our professors directly.
  • Teaching Assistantships
    TA positions will be considered by the department automatically and no application is needed for new students. However, the TA position is very competitive because of the limited number of openings. In addition, the TA positions will be primarily used to support Ph.D. students.
  • Fellowships
    All fall applicants who have been accepted into our program no later than January 15th will be considered for nomination for University Fellowships. Applicants deemed to be most qualified will be nominated.
  • Power and Energy Scholarships
    There are a number of tuition scholarships available through the Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky. These scholarships are available to M.S. students interested pursuing graduate studies in the area of power and energy.