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Graduate Fellowships

The Department of Computer Science offers up to two Newberry Fellowships and two Verizon Fellowships to outstanding incoming Ph.D. students. Both fellowships provide the same benefit: a generous stipend and tuition expenses for the student's first year. For the second year, they guarantee a TA position if the student has not acquired an RA position. Students entering in spring are considered for awards starting the following fall. Interested applicants should contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

The department has about 20 teaching assistant (TA) positions that it allocates to graduate students. Only about 6-8 such positions open every year. We give priority to Ph.D. students with a high degree of English fluency. We test all international TAs to assess their English abilities and assign them to duties ranging from grading to conducting classes.

Many faculty members have grants that fund research assistant (RA) positions. The faculty members choose how to allocate these positions; they typically choose Ph.D. students who have demonstrated interest and ability in the particular area of research that the faculty member is conducting.

Students who arrive without financial support can often find positions on campus, but they need to search for these positions. Individuals on student visas are only allowed to accept campus jobs; other students may also look beyond the campus.