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Graduate Students

Reasons to pursue your graduate degree in computer science at UK

  1. International experts recognized for their contributions in cutting-edge research fields. Our department’s areas of research include networking, distributed systems, visualization, imagery, artificial intelligence, decision-making, data science, data mining, bioinformatics, cryptography, computational science, scientific computing, numerical analysis, and software engineering. Learn more about specific research projects here.
  2. World-class, environmentally friendly facilities. The Department of Computer Science and many of its faculty members reside in the LEED Gold-certified Davis Marksbury Building. Together with the James F. Hardymon Building, it forms the hub for computer science related activities on campus.
  3. The UK Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments and the Laboratory for Advanced Networking. Both feature top faculty members working on important research projects. In addition, the department maintains close connections to the University of Kentucky Biomedical Informatics Institute (BMI). Several BMI faculty have joint appointments in the department and advise our students. 
  4. A “Just right” department size that affords close relationships with faculty, advisors, and fellow students. Meet each member of our department here.
  5. Excellent funding opportunities. Nearly 100% of our Ph.D. students are fully funded. The stipends are $18,000 per nine months, with additional funding for summer available. Find degree and financial aid information here.
  6. Successful alumni: Work on cool projects at excellent companies and earn a great salary doing it! 

Write to csgradpro@cs.uky.edu to request more information.