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All students are welcome and encouraged to meet with their advisor and faculty members in the department with any questions/concerns regarding the program, program requirements, opportunities for scholarships, undergraduate research and future employment. 

First-year Students

Freshmen are advised by College of Engineering advisors, but after declaring a major, all biosystems engineering students are advised by biosystems engineering advisors.

Second-year Students

Sophomores are advised by Dr. Alicia Modenbach, who serves as both academic and career advisor. 

Third and Fourth-year Students

During their junior and senior years, biosystems engineering students receive advising from two advisors. The career advisor helps students with career development; the academic advisor ensures students are taking the correct courses to graduate.

Academic Advisor

The director of undergraduate studies (DUS), currently Dr. Joseph Dvorak, serves as academic advisor to juniors and seniors. As academic advisor, the DUS is responsible for ensuring that students are on track to graduate. Either Dr. Modenbach or Dr. Dvorak review student schedules for accuracy and notify students of any issues before the semester starts.

Career Advisor

Students are assigned a faculty member who serves as their career advisor. Advising assignments are made by matching the faculty member’s area of specialization with the student’s desired career path. The career advisor provides advice about topics such as choosing technical electives, possible internships and co-ops and, when appropriate, graduate school. 

Career Advisors for Juniors and Seniors:

All students are welcome to consult the DUS about questions regarding any issue, especially issues that are not specialty-specific.

Picking an Area of Study

Some students arrive on campus 100% sure of what area in BAE they want to specialize in. Most students decide by the end of their sophomore year. If you’re still trying to decide which area is best for you, here are helpful links:

The following College of Engineering links may be useful:

The following College of Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFE) links may be useful:

Joseph Dvorak, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
107 C.E. Barnhart Building
Lexington, KY 40546
Phone: (859) 218-4349
Email: joe.dvorak@uky.edu