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Engineering Research Team

The function of the College of Engineering Research Team is to develop, implement and continuously improve the research process in the College of Engineering. The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies leads the team.

Team Members

Sridhar Sunderam, Biomedical Engineering

Brad Berron, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Lindell Ormsbee, Civil Engineering

Nathan Jacobs, Computer Science

Aaron Cramer, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Suzanne Smith, Mechanical Engineering

Zach Agioutantis, Mining Engineering

Brent Seales, Center for Visualization and Virtual ENvironments

Kozo Saito – Institute of Research for Development

IS Jawahir – Institute for Sustainable Manufacturing

Joe Crabtree – Kentucky Transportation Center

Dan Ionel – Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky

Tony Elam – Strategic Initiatives

Monica Mehanna – Research and Graduate Studies