Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky


Financial Aid

The University of Kentucky College of Engineering has received support from the US Dept. of Energy to create the Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky (PEIK), with the goal of significantly increasing the number of engineers graduating with power and energy backgrounds.

Scholarships are available

  • Fall- Spring: Full Tuition Graduate Scholarships: Full tuition scholarships for graduate students to participate in the Power and Energy Institute courses. This is open to currently graduating seniors and beginning University Scholars (BS/MS together), as well as incoming students. Scholarship requires enrollment in power and energy courses of the institute.
    PEIK Tuition Scholarship information contact:
    Dr. Yuan Liao, 691 FPAT, 859‐257‐6064, yuan.liao@uky.edu
  • Summer: International Program Scholarships: $2000 scholarships for the “University of Kentucky International Summer Experience in Renewable Energy in Pamplona Spain,” (earning credit as CME599 or EE599).
    Information and Applications at: http://pamplona.engineering.uky.edu/

For more information
To inquire about the international scholarships and ask other questions about the Power and Energy Institute, contact:
Dr. Larry Holloway, 453 FPAT, 859‐323‐8523, larry.holloway@uky.edu