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Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program & Internships

The College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky strongly encourages students to gain experience in their field, understanding the value those opportunities bring to a student’s professional and academic development. This is done through two main options, an Internship and/or the Cooperative Education Program (Co-op).

Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program

Co-ops are full-time, paid positions, and our co-op employers are prepared to give co-op students   increasingly more responsibility with each work term. We understand Co-op as a multi-work-term agreement usually with the same employer; traditionally with at least three work terms alternated with school terms, resulting in a 5-year degree program.


An Internship is usually a one-time work assignment, often in the summer, but could also be considered a part-time format during the academic semester. Internships can be full- or part-time, paid or unpaid, depending on the employer and the career field.