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Minor in Technical Systems Management

  • Students who minor in TSM will be able to:
  • Demonstrate recognition of and competency using common facrication tools and equipment.
  • Understand and practice safety precautions on the job site.
  • Depending on the elective courses the students select, they will also be prepared to:
  • Recognize the differences in electrical services and be able to repair basic electrical issues.
  • Comprehend working mechanics of machines, engines, hydraulics, and power transmissions.
  • Understand the relationship between food physical/chemical properties and the processes used to process food.
  • Understand and apply land surveying principles and techniques.
  • Understand occupational safety and health regulations.
  • Relate the chemistry of beer to the production practices used, and troubleshoot off flavors.

Students who minor in TSM  are required to take:
TSM 101: Introduction to Technical Systems Management (1 credit, FA semester)
TSM 252: Fabrication and Construction for Technical Systems (3 credits, SP semester)
Students would also be required to take a minimum of 11 hours from the following list: TSM 103: Basic Principles of Surveying (2 credits, FA semester)
TSM 220: Engines and Power Units (3 credits, FA semester)
TSM 340: Principles of Food Engineering (3 credits, FA semester)
+TSM 341: Beer Science and Technology (3 credits, new course SP 2015)
+TSM 370: Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health (new course FA 2015) TSM 461G: Biometeorology (3 credits, SP semester)
+These courses are being submitted to the course approval process this fall; they are not established as of August, 2014.

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